Facial Roller tools have been used for centuries. The Milla Face 
roller is a double ended tool.
This tool has many benefits including:
 Promotes circulation
 Complexion radiation
 Reduction of water retention
 Reduction of puffiness and inflammation by stimulating the lymphatic
system through a natural detoxification process
 Support skin cell rejuvenation
 Maintain tone, elasticity, and general health of skin
 Support absorption of oils and serums
 Soothing massage for neck and face
 Relieve tension
 Visible glow by calming the skin

How to use me:
Cleanse face and décolletage first. Use roller to massage serum, cream, or oil
into skin. Best technique to work from the centre of your face up and outwards.
The small portion of the roller is ideal for the eye area. The larger roller is ideal
for cheeks, forehead, and neck. Best stored in the fridge.


*The properties of Rose Quartz is believed to be the stone of unconditional
love, self-love, healing, nourishment and feelings of inner peace.

MillaRoll - Face Roller Rose Quartz

  • Available in Rose Quartz, Jade Stone and White Quartz.