The Milla Gua Sha tool is made with natural Black Obsidian Stone from America, which is a powerful cleanser of psychic fog. It is a stone of protection to help create a powerful positive aura. It is believed to help shield from negativity. We can all use this from time to time right?


Gua Sha Tools provide many benefits including;

-Enhancing Facial Glow 

-Creating friction to release muscle tension 

-Improve Lymphatic Drainage 

-Improve facial skin circulation, which then helps to remove toxins from the skin including black heads and pimples. 

-Improve skin complexion 

-Increase Firmness 



Use your GUA SHA for 15 minutes 3 times a week. Pair it with your fave serum or facial oil. We love using it with ROSIE. 

1. Start from your Neck (circulatory purposes) 

2. Scrape tool upwards from chin to nose 

3. Scrape tool cheeks to forhead

4. Slow upward and out technique

Do 3-7 Strokes per region, with mild pressure. 



Combining a powerful stone and tool together and perfectly presented in a beautiful gift box.